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Amazon Marketing Cloud insights

Dive into the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)’s powerful dataset to learn the impact of awareness campaigns and their connection to conversions and sales. This industry-first benchmark report uncovers key trends and attribution metrics across multiple advertising platforms and advertising units including Amazon Sponsored Ads and the Amazon DSP.

Learn how Over-the-top video can influence new-to-brand customers and how they purchase.

See key insights into impressions and conversions by hour for different types of advertisements.

Discover trends of purchasing periods, as well as who is purchasing during these times.

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The Amazon Marketing Cloud is a powerful dataset that should be leveraged by every brand who has a full-funnel strategy and is looking to reach new customers driven by advertising spend but unsure how to attribute it.

With AMC, one is able to evaluate data at a user level and be able to justify spend on top-of-funnel tactics, such as over-the-top (OTT) video advertising, to gain new-to-brand customers. AMC is the only way to analyze advertising data across multiple platforms and advertising units (i.e. Sponsored Products and DSP) on a user level.

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